RESERVATIONS -All reservations must be paid in full within 1 week of
reservation or the reservation will be cancelled. Checks or  credit cards are
accepted - M/C and Visa. If reservation is made within 2 weeks of trip date, a
credit card is required at time of reservation. If you cancel your reservation 14
days or more before the trip date, all money will be refunded minus a 15%
booking fee. If you cancel or reschedule your reservation 13 days or less before
the trip date - no refunds will be given.

DEPARTURE TIME - I try to leave on time. If you are running late, please call
me. Because I often have other trips scheduled that day and I have to go with the
tides,I reserve the right to cancel your reservation with no refunds given if you are
 late. Please try to be on the dock at least 15 minutes before departure time.
Remember to allow lots of extra time to if you are coming from Portland.  
Wiscasset. traffic can be terrible! A one hour wait is normal  from around 10 AM
 to 7 PM in the summer!

PACKING - I try to keep all baggage dry but all gear should still be packed in
such a way so water can not hurt it.  I am not responsible for any damage to any
baggage or freight brought on board.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS - Trips will be cancelled if I feel it is unsafe to
depart. If a trip is cancelled due to weather all payments will be refunded, or you
can have it applied to another trip. If I am cancelling  a trip I will try very hard to
contact you. I will also leave a message on my voice mail.

If I cancel a trip, I usually can  take you the next day if the weather improves.
You may also be able to fly over.