MATINICUS ROCK EXCURSION – Leaving From Rockland. Maine and
returning to Rockland, Maine

We depart from Rockland going by Rockland Harbor Lighthouse, Owls
Head Lighthouse, Monroe Island,  Matinicus, Criehaven, then arriving at
Matinicus Rock.  It will take us around 1 ¼ to 1 ½   hours to get there.  We
spend about 45 minutes circling the island, observing the lighthouse and all
the birds and seals.  More time can be arranged for an additional fee.  
Dolphins and porpoises are often seen.  Sometimes whales are spotted.  
We do not dock or land on the island.  Puffins are usually seen from May
through mid – August.  Razorbill Auks are  usually present until mid  July.
Arctic and Common Terns, Murres, Eider Ducks, Cormorants, and seagulls
are also often seen. Gannets are seen often on the trip to and from The
Rock. After we are finished viewing Matinicus Rock we return to Rockland.  
The total trip takes around 3 ½  to 4  hours depending on the weather.
The weather is often much different out at sea. Be sure to bring a sweater
and jacket.  Binoculars and a camera are a must!  Food and drinks are
welcome. Pets can come, but it is a long ride and they are usually happier
staying ashore. Sometimes it is foggy in Rockland and clear at Matinicus
Rock. Sometimes it is nice in Rockland and foggy at Matinicus Rock.  If it is
foggy at Matinicus Rock we can usually see all or part of it. Very rarely we
will arrive and can not see a thing.

Departure Time – I try to leave on time. If you are running late, please call
me. Because I often have other trips scheduled that day, I reserve the right
to cancel your reservation with no refunds given if you are late. Please try
to be on the dock at least 15 minutes before departure time.
Weather Cancellations – I will cancel the trip if I feel the seas or weather are
unsafe. If I do cancel a trip all money received will be refunded, or you can  
apply it to another trip.
MATINICUS ROCK EXCURSION - Leaving from Matinicus or
Criehaven, returning to Matinicus or Criehaven .
This trip last around 1 hour. Puffins are seen from mid May until mid
August. We slowly circle Matinicus Rock once.  Many other bird species are
usually seen, along with seals.